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I can’t say enough good things about this towing service. They were professional, kind and courteous. I would encourage everyone to use them.

Just moved to the area and my car battery died. They came right away and jumped my car. Amazing prompt customer service! Friendly and welcoming. What a wonderful way to begin in a new town. Thank you for everything!

I had an unfortunate incident where my Father had to go to the hospital and my car broke along the way. I called for an ambulance and the police and them showed a few minutes later. Police called Davey. My first time doing business with them. They arrived quickly on a very Hot day. They were Professional, quick, nice, and generous. When you’ve had a crappy situation, people like this help you keep your head up. Thank you.

Best customer service ever. Davey is the absolute best. Have had to use him throughout the years and he has never been anything but professional, kind, reliable, fast and professional.

I’d like to thank the gentleman again who rescued me. My husband would have had to have driven near 2 hours to bring me our spare key for my van. Upon making a quick stop at Walmart, I laid my key in the seat, needing to hurry, I closed (LOCKED) my door with keys in full view. I had a birthday this week, and had not felt any older till then. I had no smart phone to search for or call for help , but the manager at Walmart, called ( DAVEY’S) for me. He told him where I was parked and very shortly after I got to my van , the nicest man was there. Very good at what he does, and not a scratch, or maybe even a fingerprint. My husband and I are very grateful to you sir. I wish I had got your name. You are gracious. I wish for more stars for you.
God bless you.

In the extreme winter weather of February 2021, my vehicle broke down way off the beaten path in St. Joe, AR. I needed to get it to Harrison, AR to have it fixed. Davey came out in the snow and ice, picked up my vehicle, and brought it to the dealership. He called me after he dropped it off and left my keys in the drop box with my name and number. I was able to get it fixed in time to go back to Louisiana, but I still needed to get it back to St. Joe. Davey was there to save the day again. He brought it back to me safely and I was on my way. His customer service is amazing. I would highly recommend using him. Thanks again Davey!

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